Haile Owusu

Haile Owusu

Chief Data Scientist @ Mashable

Haile Owusu is Chief Data Scientist at Mashable where his main responsibility is overseeing the efforts of the data science team through the development of the company’s proprietary Velocity and Knowledge Graph technologies. Haile specializes in statistical learning as applied to forecasting and has a background in theoretical physics, including a Ph.D from Rutgers University, a Masters of Science from King’s College, University of London and a B.A. from Yale University.

Predicting the Vitality of Social Media Content

Social media is an ever-evolving space that marketers and data scientists alike seek to discover, learn, understand and in Mashable’s case- predict. Gain insights on how the media and entertainment giant curates and optimizes their social strategy based on audience segmentation and consumer behavior.

My Session

Socialize New York (2016)

New York

“Predicting the Virality of Social Media Content” was the topic of the very insightful talk led by Haile Owusu, Chief Data Scientist at Mashable. Owusu kept a crowd of 100+ attendees intrigued on the future of social with the propensity of the company’s proprietary software- Velocity- to predict the virality of social media. While Facebook’s accuracy of […]

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