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“Breaking Through the Clutter of Social Media Content” was presented by Brendon Chase, Group Strategy Director at McCann World Group Singapore. With the digital landscape fast evolving, what are the core pillars of a successful social media strategy, and what does it take to rise above the competition in 2017?

So how can brands cut through the clutter of social media content?

While social media has created another vital touch point between brands and customers, marketers are competing with friends for attention on this platform in a limited amount of time.

  1. Know your brand’s mission on social
    Does your brand need to be on social? How can it play a meaningful role in people’s lives?
  2. Map the user journey
    Customise, customise, customise. APAC is not one collective of people. Talk to your personas.
  3. Create content that is meaningful
    Meaningful content helps to build success. It’s all about value exchange: what’s in it for both the brand and the customer.
  4. Know the ad targeting capabilities
    Every social media platform is a unique online environment; tailor your content to each channel.
  5. Don’t forget about Messenger Apps
    84% of content sharing now occurs on “dark social”, namely Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat…
  6. Be ready and LIVE
    Don’t be afraid to be epic! Being genuine and authentic will bring marketers great ROI on social.
  7. Experiment, measure, and evolve
    Social will cross over into reality (case in point: Snapchat Spectacles); be prepared.


Thanks to the over 100 marketers from Google, AXA, Carousell, Mediacrop, Leica and more, for making #SocialiseSG a night to remember! See you at the next #Socialize event – and in the meantime, do tag yourselves on our Socialise gallery.

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