Socialize New York (2016)

New York

“Predicting the Virality of Social Media Content”  was the topic of the very insightful talk led by Haile Owusu, Chief Data Scientist at Mashable.

Owusu kept a crowd of 100+ attendees intrigued on the future of social with the propensity of the company’s proprietary software- Velocity- to predict the virality of social media. While Facebook’s accuracy of predicting content virality is 79.5%, Velocity reaches a 95% accuracy after 1 day across all content.

As content was once traversed through a single line conduit- from sender to receiver, it can now diffuse across several platforms and reach thousands and up to millions of people over the course of 24-hours. As marketers and digital strategists alike try to create the content that will arouse engagement from top audiences, Mashable, creates the top strategy of all- an algorithmic formula that predicts the virality of their content before they even send it.

3 takeaway key points:

  • When creating content, distribute it over a range of influence
  • Understand all distribution channels and how audience targeting affects your ability to ‘hit’ different levels of influence
  • Experiment in real time!

Check out the full recap in our blog !

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