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Ritesh Patel’s 5 Guiding Principles for Marketing Strategy

Patel shares, in our digital world influencers make up 1%, while advocates make up 9% and 90% of online users listen and learn from the content created and shared. The challenge is, consumers are drowned in content and with a 1.3 second attention span, this creates a barrier to reach them.

To break through this, it is important to understand your audience and “deliver an editorial and creative framework to reach the right audience.”

Here are Patel’s 5 guiding principles to lead the way:

  1. Listen to the user
  2. Deliver value
  3. Think beyond views
  4. Build an ecosystem
  5. Fish where the fish are

A cool point to mention is Patel’s metric system. Measuring content success has to be more than impressions and views and more of “what can this content do beyond this?”. A technique to tackle this is the point system. For example, an impression is 1-point, the landing page is 3-points, account set-up is 4-points, etc.

“Creativity and pragmatism bring innovation to digital marketing” by Elav Horwitz

Elav Horwitz shares the doings of the creative and idea bursting right brain and syncs it with the logical and pragmatic left brain to demonstrate how both merge to bring new technology that is changing art, science, social, analytics and more.

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